Beware Of The Dog

Roald Dahl
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Unated States
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The story "Beware of the Dog" starts by telling us that the main character, Peter Williamson is flying a Spitfire, or battle plane used in World War II. He makes it apparent that his leg was blown off in a dogfight. He wants to land at the landing zone and simply ask someone to help him out of the plane in a casual manner. As he continues to think about what he is going to say and do when he lands, he decides not to call the blood wagon. This is a decision that he will later regret. He now begins to feel light headed and tries to read some gauges (the altimeter) on his plane and can read, 21,000 ft. As he tries to read the hundreds, he fails at his attempt. He decides he needs to bail out of the plane. Before he does, he takes note of his location, he was above the English Channel. He removes his helmet, opens the hatch to the cockpit, and rolls the plane over which in return, drops him out of the plane. He begins to roll over and over again, head over heels and we assume that he pulled because he later wakes up in a hospital. Peter wakes up and does not remember a thing about what happened until he sees a fly on the ceiling of the hospital. A kind nurse greets him and washes him. Peter notices the water was hard and not so soft. He has a flash-back and remembers baths he used to take and how soft the water was and how the baths he took out of his country were so hard. His general claimed that water that was too soft would cause problems so he would add calcium tablets to harden the water a little. He notices that his nub of a leg was bandaged and sanitized by a doctor. He hears a distinct engine sound after the nurse leaves the room and after a moment of thinking, he recalls them as a Junkers 88 which was a german bomber. When the nurse returns with the hard water bath, he inquires about the JU-88's and why they flew during the day, because JU-88's never usually fly during the day anymore. She said it must not have been the aircraft he described because JU-88's are
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Perşembe, 13 Temmuz, 2006